Wednesday, May 4, 2016

4A Buddies

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Biome Google Presentations

PYP-3 is studying biomes in their new unit of inquiry and they will be making Google Slides presentations.  The classroom teachers designed the following project guidelines:

Create an 8-slide Google Slides presentation about a biome (freshwater, desert, grasslands, tundra, marine, forest)
  • Slide 1)Title slide with name
  • Slide 2) introduction and overview, inquiry points, central idea
  • Slide 3) define and describe biome
  • Slide 4) plant and animal life
  • Slide 5) adaptations for survival, how life is supported in the biome
  • Slide 6) risks to the environment
  • Slide 7) our responsibility – action
  • Slide 8) source list (simple)
ICT guidelines are as follows:
  • Each presentation should have a theme
  • Each slide should have a title
  • Each slide should have a transition
  • Animation should be used at least once
  • There should be at least one hyperlink
  • Font size, color and type should be consistent and appropriate
  • Each slide should have a graphic (picture, map, graph, video, etc)
  • Each slide will have text (a few sentences and possibly labels)
  • Create Google Slide
  • Rename presentation
  • Share with Katherine and your classroom teacher
  • Choose a theme and create 8 slides

Helpful websites:
Biomes of the World
Enchanted Learning
National Geographic for Kids

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thinglink and Grade 5

Thinglink is an online tool that allows your images to become interactive.

Students clicked on the image below and joined Thinglink using their Google accounts.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

PYP-4 Learns Prezi

PYP-4 is learning about Prezi, an online tool used to create interactive presentations.

First, they signed up for an education account:
  1. Sign-up here

  1. Use your account as your email address

  1. Use the following information to complete the school details:
    • School name: Copenhagen International School
    • City: Hellerup
    • Country: Denmark
    • Website address:
    • password: your Gmail password 
  2. Log-in to your email account and verify Prezi application
Once you have confirmed your account, watch the tutorial below about using Prezi.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

PYP-5 Does Diigo

We have decided on Diigo as the social bookmarking site for PYP-5 Exhibition work. Diigo is a social bookmarking site that allows you to research, share and collaborate bookmarks.

Diigo provides a safer environment in the following ways:
  • No age requirement
  • Private 
  • We will use our CIS passwords
PYP-5, please create a Diigo for Exhibition. Use your first name + CIS username as your Diigo username and your CIS password typed in twice as your Diigo password. Teachers and mentors may choose their own usernames and passwords.

You will then have to log in to your Gmail account and verify that you have created an account with Diigo.  Do so by following the link that Diigo has sent in the email.

Once you verify, you will be asked to install the Diigo Chrome extension.  Watch the video provided and then click, Add to Chrome.

Grade One Math Skills

Grade One is working on their math skills by playing the first grade Hooda Math Games below: