Friday, November 16, 2018

Grade 5 Learns About Conflict

PYP-5 is starting a new unit that focuses on peace and conflict and the resulting consequences.  We started the unit by using a game that simulates the life of a 3rd world farmer and the hardships they face due to conflict.

What is Third World Farmer?

3rd World Farmer is a simulation that lets you experience some of the hardships of farming in a poor country. Will you prosper despite corruption and lack of basic necessities? Or will endless wars, diseases, droughts, and unreliable markets perpetuate your economic disadvantage and spell your ultimate doom?


  • Click on the image below
  • Wait for advertisement to finish
  • Click on 'play' and be sure to enable Adobe Flash

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Grade 5 Digital Citizenship - Copyright & Media Literacy

Grade 5 students are using Common Sense Media to learn about copyright and media literacy.


  • Open the Google Doc below, go to 'file' and make a copy (only one member of the team needs to do this step). Please name it Lesson 5- partner names

  • Place the completed document in the digital citizenship folder in our student work folder


Students are learning about copyrighted material and how to use safe searching methods when finding research materials.

We watched the Brainpop video below on copyright.

Use the 'Labeled for reuse with modification' search tool in Google when looking for images.

We also used the search function on, Creative Commons, in order to find non-copyrighted materials.

Students watched the Common Sense Media video on copyright as well:

We used the Brainpop activity, The Meaning of Beep, in order to reinforce our learning.

Watch the video below and then play Interland

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Grade 3 Digital Citizenship - Cyberbullying

Grade 3 students are learning to use their emails. Therefore, we need to practice being kind online to others.

We started by watching the 'The Power of Our Words' video answering the question 'Why do you think those other players said those things to Guts? 

Then, we used our Digital Passport game, E-volve:

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Grade 5 Digital Citizenship - Cyberbullying

Grade 5 students are learning about cyberbullying and how to behave online.


  • Open the Google Doc below, go to 'file' and make a copy. Please name it Lesson 4 - your name

  • Place the completed document in the digital citizenship folder, lesson 4 folder in our student work folder

Please take the following quiz when you are done:

Watch this cyberbullying case study:

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Grade 3 Password Protection Quiz

We know a lot about how to keep ourselves safe online. We took a little quiz in order to show off our learning.