Wednesday, June 1, 2016

PYP-2 Money Activities

PYP-2 is learning about money.  They played the following games to practice adding, subtracting and handling money.

Dolphin Dash

Dolphin Feed

Brainpop Money Videos (log in username: librarycis password: ask your teacher)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Grade 2 Teacher 'Baby' Photo Contest Word Clouds

They used ABCya's Word Clouds for Kids:

Teacher Baby Photos

Participating Teachers:

Alison Gregersen
Amy Silverman
Andy Coddington
Annette Rougeau
Anu Chander
Carly Kline
Carolyn Amdi
Cassie Bohlken
Chloe Gallimore
Christy Lee
Daniel D'Andrea
Daniel Palomares
Danielle Hej
Dawn Marple
Elaine Nielsen
Elin Achterhof
Erica Liljefors
Eva Christensen
Ewa Rozyczko
Farina Marriott
Gina Nordby
Holly Dawkin
Janica Dennison
Janet Grech
Jo Gregersen
Joel Gangi
Johanna Alderin
Josefine Rosenkvist
Judeth Christensen
Karolina Mroz
Kathy Sublett
Lakmini Besbroda
Lauri Van der weerd
Malene Kastor
Marie Barholm-Hansen
Mark Hansen
Moira Christensen
Myrte Kagie
Nina Lah
Nina Martens
Paula Turco
Rica Jose
Ron Rosenow
Sabrina Manhart
Sarah Sandin
Sarai Halliday
Simon Watkin
Susy Joseph
Tracey Coogan
Wendy Bellmore

Grade 5 Graduation Slideshow

Grade 5 students are looking at the folder of images that have been taken over the year at CIS.  They are looking for 3 images of themselves and then copying them into their corresponding class folder.

CIS Photos

Class Folders

Monday, May 23, 2016

Grade 5 Exhibition Forms

Grade 5 students should submit the link to their survey on the form below:

The submitted surveys can be opened and answered from the spreadsheet below:

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Grade 2 Teacher Baby Photo Contest

Grade 2 students are getting ready to host a fundraising activity in the form of a teacher baby photo contest.  They explored the charities below in order to decide where their fundraising kronor would go.

More videos from Heifer


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Grade 5 and Danish

The Danish department is connecting the grade 5 Exhibition.  

Danish B1 please include your list of Exhibition important words/phrases on this form.  Ms Smith will use this with you to make a wordle.  

Multiplying with Grade 2

Grade 2 is practicing their multiplication.  We watched the Brainpop video below and played some math games.


Math Lines

Number Eaters

Multiplication Gallery

Space Race