Thursday, January 28, 2016

Grade 5 ICT/PE Collaboration

ICT and PE are collaborating on a joint project for grade 5 students.  Students added the Chrome Extensions, Snagit and PicMonkey, and explored their possibilities.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Grade One Builds with Chrome

Grade 1 students are using Lego Chrome Builder to extend their learning about homes. We watched this short video together in order to get excited about the possibilities!

Students first completed as many of the lessons in the Build Academy as possible during our first lesson.  Instructions:
  1. Click on the image below
  2. Go to the 'Build Academy' page and start following the instructions

Monday, January 25, 2016

Grade 4 Learns Google Forms

Grade 4 is learning to use Google Forms in order to create a survey for their current unit of inquiry.

Students will:

  • Create a new form
  • Formulate 10 questions using short answer, multiple choice, checkboxes, dropdown, linear scale
  • Share the form with anyone who has the link at Copenhagen International School
  • Copy and paste  the link to the Padlet below
  • Once you have completed your survey, begin answering your classmates' surveys

Friday, January 22, 2016

Puberty and Cyberbullying

Grade 5 students are studying about Puberty in their current unit of inquiry.  Often, there are physical and emotional changes that can take place during this period and it may lead to difficulties when showing a presence online.  Cyberbullying can take place and we are exploring what that looks like and how to prevent it in ICT.

We first started the lesson by joining the Today's Meet below and discussing what Cyberbullying could look like and how it might happen.


The PYP-5 students found out more by looking at the following resources:

We then opened our own Today's Meet rooms to continue our conversations.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Grade 3 Researches the Solar System

Grade 3 students used the following websites to further explore the Solar System:

Kids Astronomy

Planets for Kids

Kids Zone

Nasa for kids

First, we made a copy of a Google document in order to have a place to record our work. Open your class folder below, add it to your drive, make a copy of the research document and rename it with your name.  Finally. move it to the shared folder and change your Share settings to 'view only.'

3A Solar System Research Folder

Monday, January 18, 2016

Grade One Homes

Grade one students are beginning a new unit on homes.  In preparation, we are exploring different places in the world using technology and wondering what kind of home one would need to live there.

360 Cities

PYP-3 and Internet Research

We are focusing on internet research skills so that PYP-3 can gather information for their Space Exploration unit project.  Students are learning to identify trustworthy sites and shape their searches to produce the best results. The following glossary terms are covered: search engine, website, homepage and link.

To help them learn how to better find information on the web, they watched the following video:

Students used Padlet to record a question that they had about space.

 Grade 3

Using the questions from their Padlet, students will search for a trustworthy website that might answer their question.  They documented their findings in the document below: