Thursday, April 19, 2018

Grade 3 Creates with Pixlr Express

Students are using the online editing program, Pixlr Express, to edit a play photo and reflect on their experience.  The account is free.


  • Select 'connect more apps'
  • Search for Pixlr Express
  • Select '+connect' to add Pixlr Express
  • Now, the next time you open an image, you can 'Open with' Pixlr Express
  • Experiment with the Pixlr Express features
  • Have fun!
  • Remember!! When you save your Pixlr Expressed image, save a copy or you will save over your original

Grade One Tells Time

We read this book on Tumblebooks (keyword search: time):

We then exploredthe time activity below:

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Exhibition Surveys

The grade 5 students are collecting data for their Exhibition research and they need some help. Please answer the survey below:

This survey is for grade 4 & 5 only:

Gender Stereotypes



Child Labor

Artificial Intelligence

Gender Wage Gap



Hacking #1

Hacking #2

Grade 2 Learns About Force

We viewed the Brainpop video below and took a look at pushes and pulls.

We used the game simulations to demonstrate pushing and pulling and the effect of gravity.

Pushing and Pulling:


Angry Birds


Grade 5 Uses Google Forms

Grade 5 will need to make surveys for their Exhibition.  We are learning how to use Google Forms for this purpose.

Friday, April 6, 2018