Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Grade 3 Wiki Collaboration

Grade 3 is collaborating on their own Space Wiki

What is a Wiki? A Wiki is a website that allows contributors to make contributions, changes or corrections. Please view the video below to learn more.

PYP-3 is collaborating on a Wiki of their own using Wikispaces.  They followed the instructions below to become a member of our Wiki and start collaborating.

Step 1:

Each of you has been sent an email.  Log in to your account and open the email from Wikispaces.  Follow the link that you are given in the email.

Step 2:

Select, 'Create an Account'

Step 3:

Using your CIS username and your password typed in 2 times, create your Wikispaces account.

Step 4:

Create your page by clicking on the '+' in Pages and Files

Name your page using your own name (begin with a capital letter) and click 'create'

Write your name on the page and click 'save'

Step 5:

You may play this create an alien game and we will begin research next class.

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