Friday, September 23, 2016

Grade 3 Email Writing

How does email and instant messaging work?

The 3rd graders are learning to write proper emails.  They wrote their own emails with the following information:
  • To - Kathy's email address (cispypict)
  • Subject - What is the email about? (your class + your name)
  • Greeting - Says hello, and shows to whom you are writing (Dear ....,)
  • Body - Here is what you are telling the other person (at least, 3 complete sentences)
  •      Insert one photo, sized small
  •      Insert one hyperlink
  • Closing and signature - Say goodbye and tell them who you are (Yours, Sincerely, Your friend, Thank you)
Check out this Arthur website for more help:

Students retrieved emails that they were already working on in their 'Drafts' folder.

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