Thursday, October 4, 2012

PYP-5 Voicethread Perspectives

PYP-5 is using Voicethread to express their perspectives about various news articles.  They first tried out the various ways that you can comment in a Voicethread before contributing to a group Voicethread.

PYP-5 responded with an audio or video Voicethread comment to the following questions on an article of their choice:

Who are the stakeholders?
  • Name at least 2 of the stakeholders

What is the perspective of each stakeholder?

What factors influence each stakeholder's perspective?

What is your perspective on this issue?

Students made a copy of this GoogleDrive document and placed it in their own GoogleDrive folder.  They placed the answers to the above questions in this document.

5J Voicethread

5M Voicethread

5S Voicethread

PYP-5 Voicethread Self-Assessment

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