Thursday, February 26, 2015

PYP-4 Systems Websites

After making sure that their body systems websites were shared as 'Public,' the students then used the following instructions to hyperlink their website to their names on their class page of the website below.

  • Click on the website below
  • In alphabetical order, we will be hyperlinking our websites to our names
  • NOTE - only one person can be editing at a time, so when you and your team member are done, then let the next person on the list know that you are finished and that it is their turn to hyperlink their website
  • Remember to be in 'editing' mode when you go to the web page or you cannot link your website
  • Be sure and save or you will lose your work and the next team will not be able to access the page
While you and your teammate are waiting for your turn, sign up for a Popplet account here and learn how to use it and make a Popplet on the subject of your choice.

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