Monday, October 21, 2013

Grade 5 'In the News' Voicethreads

Grade 5 is using Voicethread to express their perspectives about various news articles.  They first tried out the various ways that you can comment in a Voicethread before contributing to a group Voicethread.  They explored different news\ websites on the CIS Program of Inquiry website.

PYP-5 responded with an audio or video Voicethread by commenting on at least 3 of the following 6 questions on an article of their choice:

What are the 5 Ws of this issue/event?

Who are the stakeholders?
  • Name at least 2 of the stakeholders
What is the perspective of each stakeholder?

What factors influence each stakeholder's perspective?

What is your perspective on this issue?

What factors influence your perspective?

Here is the graphic organizer for your questions

5R In the News Voicethread

5M In the News Voicethread

5J In the News Voicethread

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