Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Grade 3 Solar System Headlines

Grade 3 is using the document below to write a headline/sentence to go with their solar system posters.

  • Click on your class below
  • Find your name
  • Write a headline/sentence as explained to you by your teacher
  • Font size is 36 and should remain at 36
  • Change the font color and font type as you wish
  • Double check spelling and make sure your sentence is complete
  • When everyone has completed their sentence, we will share them on the Smart Board by reading them aloud
  • Please be careful to remain in your own row

Jupiter: A Gas Giant with a Stormy Spot

Venus: Extremely Hot and Wrapped in Clouds

The Moon: Earth's Only Natural Satellite

Class 3A

Class 3B

Class 3C

Class 3D

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