Monday, August 29, 2016

Grade 4 Digital Citizenship

The grade 3-5 students have been busy signing in to their new Gmail accounts. 

In these classes, students have the opportunity to use a domain account, specifically to be used as a tool in the classroom, in connection with their school work. Most students already have at least one e-mail address, so the account is only for school purposes (i.e. not forwarding jokes or signing up for various game websites, etc.)

Besides using email for "traditional" email purposes (sending messages), the students use the digital toolbox which Google Apps provides. The students will learn how to use e-mail, Google Drive (Docs, Forms, Sheets and Slides) Google Sites and Google Calendar. They will also learn about "good practice" in internet use - personal safety, netiquette, and digital citizenship. The accounts are to be treated as virtual classroom spaces – classroom rules apply also when using these tools (including the language the students use.) All of the students agreed to the school's Appropriate Use Agreement before opening their accounts.

We watched some of the following videos and had discussions about what it means to be 'safe' and smart online.

Pause and Think Online

Sharing Online

Digital Footprint

Students also looked at the Brainpop website and watched the Online Safety Video:

Online Safety Video

Then, we played the Digital Compass Game:

Students agreed to practice good digital citizenship in at least 3 different ways and posted examples of the way they will do so on the Padlets below.  Add an image or a link to a website too!





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