Monday, December 8, 2014

Computer Club Grades 2 & 3

This is an odd week.  Grades 2 & 3 have Computer Club on Day 4.

3rd World Farmer and Conflict

PYP-5 students have been studying the causes and consequences of conflict using an online simulation game called 3rd World Farmer.  They are using the Google Drive presentation template below to reflect on their game play.

  • Select 'File' and then 'Make a Copy.'

Install Awesome Screenshot in order to make your screenshots.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Grade 3 Google Doc Creation and Sharing

Grade 3 is learning how to create and share a Google Doc.

  • Click on 'New'
  • Select 'Google Docs'
  • Change the the document title from 'Untitled Document' to your title
  • Using our email writing format, write a letter persuading someone (Santa, your parent, a friend) to give you a present that you are wanting for this holiday season
  • Format the document to make it attractive
  • Be sure to include an image
  • Share the document with me

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Grade 4 Hour of Code

What is coding?  The students watched the following videos to familiarize themselves with the world of computer science.

 Sign into Turtle Academy using your Google account.  Complete as many lessons as possible.

Grade 2 Photostories 2014

Grade 2 students are creating a timeline of their lives using Microsoft Photo Story 3.

The students will be asked to perform the following tasks when creating their project:
  • Import pictures - parents are sending in photos on a USB Key and students will access from Kathy's Public Drive
  • Add text to pictures - a short caption of 1-3 words
  • Format position of text and change text color, if necessary
  • Narration - record their voice on each picture using their autobiography as a guide
  • Transitions - if time, students can change the default transitions
  • Add Music
Here is short instructional video about the project done in Photo Story 3: