Monday, October 22, 2018

Grade 3 Email Writing

How do email and instant messaging work?

The 3rd graders are learning to write proper emails.  They wrote their own emails with the following information:

  • To - Kathy's email address
  • Subject - What is the email about? (your class + your name)
  • Greeting - Says hello, and shows to whom you are writing (Dear ....,)
  • Body - Here is what you are telling the other person (at least, 3-5 complete sentences about what you know about Digital Citizenship)
    •      Insert one photo, sized small
    •      Insert one hyperlink
  • Closing and signature - Say goodbye and tell them who you are (Yours, Sincerely, Your friend, Thank you)

Students retrieved emails that they were already working on in their 'Drafts' folder.

Remember to proofread your email before sending it to me:

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