Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Grade 5 Piktocharts

Grade 5 is using the online graphics maker, Piktochart.  They created accounts using their Google accounts after clicking on 'Signup.'

Students should select the format 'Poster' when creating their first Piktochart.

They followed the instructions on the the Piktochart poster below to create their own good digital citizenship poster. Topics may be chosen by reviewing the videos about digital citizenship or using the posters in the computer lab, if necessary,  Cyberbullying and privacy are just a couple of the possible choices.

Click here to view full screen.

How to publish your Piktochart:

  • Click on Share
  • Name it with your name and topic (privacy, password protection,etc.)
  • Make the poster 'public'
  • Insert Piktochart link and embed code on the shared Google Sheet below.

Please input your published Piktochart link and embed code on this document.


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