Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Hangouts Challenge!

Grades 3 students are learning how to use Google Hangouts chat function.  They used the form below to get to know a classmate using only the chat with no talking.  Let's see who can submit the form correctly first!  The next challenge is to get as many Hangouts partners as you can.


  • Log into Gmail so that Hangouts is open
  • Quietly find someone with whom to partner
  • Open the Google form below in a tab and fill it out by asking the questions over the Hangout talking!
  • Once you and your partner have answered all of the questions for each of you, you BOTH submit your form
  • Find a new partner (quietly) and repeat the activity again with your new partner.
  • REMEMBER, you are filling out the answers for your partner and they are filling out the answers for you

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