Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Scratch Projects on Padlet

1. Use this checklist to confirm you are finished:
  • Use an original image or sprite of your choice
  • At least 3 pieces of information about themselves (at least one is written)
  • Movement
  • Sound (a recording and a Scratch sound)
  • Creativity
  • Set of Instructions.  See example here.
2. Ask a classmate to check your project by following your instructions without assistance. Adjust as necessary. Provide the same feedback at least once to another student.

3. Post your project link (the link from the 'see inside' page) on the Padlet below.  Make sure you have clicked 'share' which may cause Padlet to send you an email for confirmation.  Post your link even if you do not receive the email right away. Start with your class name + your name in the title and paste the link in the body.

4. Spend the remainder of the period watching your classmates projects on their laptops

5. All projects must be posted today even if they are unfinished!

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