Friday, May 18, 2018

Biome Google Presentations

PYP-3 is studying biomes in their new unit of inquiry and they will be making Google Slides presentations.  The classroom teachers designed the following project guidelines:

Create an 8-slide Google Slides presentation about a biome (freshwater, desert, grasslands, tundra, marine, forest)
  • Slide 1)Title slide with name
  • Slide 2) introduction and overview, inquiry points, central idea
  • Slide 3) define and describe biome
  • Slide 4) plant and animal life
  • Slide 5) adaptations for survival, how life is supported in the biome
  • Slide 6) risks to the environment
  • Slide 7) our responsibility – action
  • Slide 8) source list (simple)
ICT guidelines are as follows:
  • Each presentation should have a theme
  • Each slide should have a title
  • Each slide should have a transition
  • Animation should be used at least once
  • There should be at least one hyperlink
  • Font size, color and type should be consistent and appropriate
  • Each slide should have a graphic (picture, map, graph, video, etc)
  • Each slide will have text (a few sentences and possibly labels)
  • Click on the Google Slide template

  • Go to 'File,' 'Make a copy' 

  • Rename it
  • Share with me and your partner and be sure to give them editing privileges
  • Choose a theme

Helpful websites:
Brainpop Biomes
Biomes of the World
Enchanted Learning
National Geographic for Kids

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